Smoke Assist Review – Should You Buy It?

Smoke Assist is an electronic cigarette (e-cigarette) that looks like a real cigarette, puffs like one, and tastes like one. This is the latest product offered in the market for smokers who know that smoking can kill, but still want to do it anyway. Smoke Assist is a great way to indulge the habit without the nasty smell, carcinogens, and the annoying secondhand smoke.

  • For smokers who have been trying in vain to kick the habit, Smoke Assist gives a reason to enjoy cigarettes without the side effects.

Smoke Assist Features

Why go through the agony of quitting the habit if you can continue to smoke minus the health hazards? If you are considering getting this innovative product, then here are a couple of things that you should know:

Smoke Assist Electronic Cigarette System

  • Smoke Assist can make a person look sophisticated while satisfying the smoker’s need to have something in his mouth.


  • It has a stainless steel 3-piece cigarette body that is said not to contain tar, nicotine, or any of the 4000 documented carcinogens and harmful chemicals from traditional smoking.


  • It tastes like real tobacco with the look and feel of the real thing.  The e-cigarette stick uses replaceable atomized filter cartridges containing tobacco flavor and can last for up to 150 smoking inhalations.


  • It is mainly water vapor, which means that there are no smelly fingers or musky tobacco smell that will betray the smoker.


What People Like About Smoke Assist

Because Smoke Assist cartridges are only flavored using their atomized filters, most people like this because it does no real damage to their health. They get to smoke indoors with their friends as well as in restaurants, offices, and even in their own homes. If they want to smoke in the hotel lobby, all they need to do is to show the concierge their e-cigarette. Aside from this, it is also believed to be cheaper compared to real cigarettes. For people who smoke a pack a day, Smoke Assist is said to give them savings of a $100 per month.


What People Don’t Like About Smoke Assist

Smoke Assist does not encourage the smoker to actually quit. Instead, it just replaces the habit with another one. Secondly, e-cigarettes are known to have a short battery life. No matter what brand of e-cigarette you use, you will want an extra lithium battery or two so you can charge one while using the other. Third, it is not as a cheap as nicotine patches, pills, or quitting cold turkey. Lastly, most people who have tried e-cigarettes say that it’s not as good as the real thing. However, they will still go for Smoke Assist because it gives them all the pleasure of smoking without the harmful health risks.



A few testimonials from Smoke Assist users:

James K, Rhode Island

James K, Rhode Island: 

“After giving up on a few e-cigarettes out there, I never thought I’d get the hang of this until I tried Smoke Assist.  Not as great tasting as my Marlboro, but it is close, and certainly the best among its competitors.”


Sylvia R, New York

 Sylvia R, New York: 

My husband no longer smells like an ashtray. And he still smokes, thanks to Smoke Assist.”


Dora K, Maryland

Dora K, Maryland: 

Those nicotine patches were just a waste of money. I thought I had to accept the fact that I will die from smoking. Now, I think I can live a lot longer with my Smoke Assist.”



What About You?


If you have been trying to quit smoking but simply can’t get enough, Smoke Assist may be the solution to help you wean off your nicotine habit. Compared to ordinary cigarettes, Smoke Assist has no nicotine, no tar, and no tobacco—which means it is safer than traditional smoking. While nothing beats the real thing when it comes to taste, Smoke Assist can be your best bet for a new and healthy lifestyle. Real cigarettes kill!



Smoke Assist - Electronic Cigarette