Where Can You Get the Free Smoke Assist Cigarette?

Free Smoke AssistWhen electronic cigarettes first came out, their only benefit was that they were somewhat safer than regular cigarettes since you wouldn’t get any of the tar and the other chemicals. But, what many people have found is that they are also a great way to save money. If you have been looking into trying the free Smoke Assist program, then you are probably aware of just how much money you will save by switching from regular cigarettes to electronic ones, but those aren’t the only benefits.


What Is Smoke Assist?

The free Smoke Assist program allows you to try this high tech electronic cigarette on your own, at home, to see for yourself if it is as good as everyone says. You may have already seen people raving about this method of smoking, primarily because it allows a flexibility that most of us haven’t seen in years. But, it is also a good way to cut down on your smoking or stop altogether.


How Does the Free Smoke Assist Electronic Cigarette Work?

When you order the free Smoke Assist product, what you will get is an electronic cigarette and two cartomizers. The cartomizer is the part of the cigarette that contains the nicotine, the flavor, and has the water that will turn to vapor (which will feel like smoke in your mouth). Each cartomizer is about the same as three packs’ worth of cigarettes, so most people find that they only go through one or two cartomizers per week if they are regular smokers.

The unique feature of the free Smoke Assist is that you get to try this for free before deciding if you want more cartomizers sent to you. If you do, then they will be sent on a regular basis and you can even choose from different flavors and strengths. So, if you are trying to cut down, you can gradually order weaker nicotine so that you are eventually smoking nothing more than water.


What Are People Saying About the Free Smoke Assist Offer?

Perhaps the best thing about the free Smoke Assist is that simply by paying for shipping and handling (which is about the same price as two packs of cigarettes), you will get to try something that can really change your life. It goes without saying that this program isn’t for everyone, but if you stick with the free Smoke Assist program for more than a few days, you will start to realize that you don’t miss your old stinky, dangerous, and expensive cigarettes at all and that this is a very viable substitute for you.


Where Should You Buy It?

The only place that you can get the free Smoke Assist offer is online and it is only for a limited time. When you order online, you will get the cigarette, two cartomizers, a travel bag, and even a USB charger so that you can always have a full charge on your cigarette. It is then up to you to decide whether this method of smoking will meet your needs.


Is This the Free Smoke Assist Offer Right for You?

New people are signing up for the free Smoke Assist offer every single day, in part because they are looking for a safer way to smoke. But, you also can’t forget about the other benefits, such as being able to smoke at work or in your home, or even in a bar or restaurant. No one can complain to you about your new cigarette, in part because there is nothing that puts them at any risk – no flame, no ash, no smoke, and no toxins in the air.


This is limited time offer only, so hurry up and get your starter kit for free!